Havoc OS

Havoc OS


Havoc OS is one of the best custom roms present for various devices present out there. Though it a pure pixel experience stock rom but provides a ton of customizations for the device. I've been using it from 5-6 months and I am really impressed despite having some minor bugs. It is based on the Android open source project(AOSP) and they push updates every month. I'll be including some screenshots in the end from my device.


It surely have a simple UI but the installation may come across tidious to some of you. If you have a xiaomi device then you have to unlock your bootloader first and further:

  1. Install a custom recovery(TWRP or orangefox) to your device.
  2. Download the zip file for the rom compatible to your device.

We are going to clean flash the custom rom and after installing the recovery just wipe out:

  1. Dalvik cache
  2. Cache
  3. System
  4. Data
  5. Vendor

The above process will wipe out the cache and the current OS of the device. After that go to install and just flash the zip file of the rom. It will hardly take 2-3 minutes. Nowadays, the gapps are included in rom zip, so you don't havve to install them seperately.

My experience

I've been using the rom from a couple of months and I've came across a lot of issues which some of you have faced or will be going to face and their fixes.

NOTE: Your device bootloader must need to be unlocked.

1. Bootloop:

This is the most common problem, in this case the device is soft-bricked. I have a redmi note 7 pro device and you can easily solve if you also have a xiaomi device. You just have to download:

  1. Xiaomi flash tool
  2. Fastboot rom of your device
  3. ADB drivers

There are two method to fix bootloop.

1. Using MI flash tool

Install mi flash tool and boot up your device to fastboot mode by pressing (power buttom + volume down) simultaneously and connect it to usb cable. To make sure you are in fastboot mode, run fastboot devices in the cmd and it should return a serial number of your device. In the address bar of the flash tool, provide the address of the extracted files of the fastboot rom you downloaded and click refresh to list your device in the tool. There are three options in the lower right corner, click clean all to wipe out internal storage and install a fresh OS, choose save user data to retain the internal storage and clean clean and lock to save your bootloader from being locked after flashing. It will take 9-10 minutes and the your device will reboot itself and it was back to normal. This will also replace the TWRP/orangefox recovery with the MI recovery. mi_flash_tool

2. Without using MI flash tool

If the Mi flash in case causing any problems then you can use this method. This method uses ADB drivers (make sure they are installed). First extract the fastboot rom zip file and copy paste the platform tools(adb drivers) contents to the extracted zip file. These are the same ADB drivers which are used to flash the custom recovery to the device. adb-drivers Enter the following command in the command prompt window to check the connection between PC and Phone adb devices your device’s serial number should appear in the command window. Now run clean_all.bat script for a complete wipe out. save_user_data.bat to save the internal storage from wiping out and clean_all_and_lock.bat script to lock bootloader after wipe out. These scripts are just the background processes of the mi flash tool. You can clearly what is happening in the command line and after it finishes your device will reboot to normal. I usually prefer this method because it easy and fast.

2. Recovery loop

This is actually not a problem, the OS is installed sucessfully but to prevent device getting stuck in bootloop it reboots device in recovery mode again and again. You are not able to boot into OS. This is worst because you have to format your device which just wipe out your userdata on the device. If you're done flashing the rom as described in the installation process and you face this problem then you just simply go manage partitions-> data-> format data-> type yes in orange fox recovery. This will surely fix the issue.


Lock screenimgonline-com-ua-resize-rZyEv0Ng15

Config centrelockscreen

In the end I would like to say that you can definitely use this rom as a daily driver and also carry banking application transactions without any issue. Though there are some minor bugs but these are not at all problem and they are fixed in the security updates time to time. There are so much of it if you flash magisk and install it's some of the popular modules. (This will root your phone)

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